To improve the livelihoods of the Kenyan Borena refugees through income generation, with additional dietary supply through goat/ sheep rearing, since 2015 ANE provided 4,335 locally adaptable breeding sheep/goats for the refugee community in Dillo and Megado settlements with the support from UNHCR/ARRA. The field office of ANE with its assistant veterinarians is so far providing follow-up and technical support for families who received sheep and goat. Based on this, up to the end of December 2017, a total of 2,918 new sheep and goats are born.

In connection with this, to improve the protein deficiency of refugees and host communities, since 2013, ANE has provided supplementary foods and protein supplement for about 5,600 refugees and host communities in Dillo and Megado settlements with the support from Turkish cooperation and coordination Agency (TiKA), Turkish Dyanet Foundation and Upstream Investment.

Furthermore, to reduce the long distance travel of women and young girls in the absence of grinding mill in the locality, ANE has constructed and installed diesel grinding mills in Megado refugee settlement.