In spite of its humble beginning, in 2012, focused on supporting vulnerable local communities affected by natural calamities in pastoral and agro-pastoral regions of Ethiopia, ANE has increasingly proved its organizational and operational capacities consistently engaged in the provision of critical, services responding to the humanitarian needs of refugees from neighbouring countries and most vulnerable host communities. The integrated approach addressing the needs of refugees and most vulnerable communities drives ANE’s institutional commitment and operational focus, as up to 80 percent of the refugees are hosted in pastoral and agro-pastoral regions of Ethiopia often affected by a series of adverse factors including poverty and vulnerability to natural disasters including droughts and/or floods. The increasing focus on integrated approaches also guides ANE’s programming design and implementation addressing humanitarian and development needs in a complementary way.

In the past six years, ANE has reached more than 400,000 beneficiaries including about 360,000 refugees and 40,000 vulnerable host communities. The record for the current (2018) engagement indicates a total number of beneficiaries of about 496,578 refugees and about 4,500 vulnerable host communities.