Action For The Needy In Ethiopia Certified To Operate Regionally In Africa

Action For The Needy In Ethiopia Certified To Operate Regionally In Africa

Action for the Needy in Ethiopia (ANE), established in 2012 as a small organization, has, over the years, exponentially grown both institutionally and operationally. Its structure now includes not only its HQ in Addis Ababa but also a network of more than a dozen frontline coordination offices operating in almost all regions with more than 630 staffers working with the beneficiary communities in the different areas of engagement.

The diversity and scale of its services has enabled ANE to work in line with the comprehensive refugee response framework (CRRF) with unwavering commitment to reaching and serving the different segments of beneficiaries including the growing number of refugees from the neighbouring countries including South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, etc. As an implementing partner closely working with the UNHCR and the Refugees and Returnees Services (RRS), ANE is consistently and responsibly supporting the refugees in terms of protection, i.e., providing humanitarian services including food, water construction of shelters, access to health and education. ANE also facilitates livelihood support including the development of permanent sources of water and construction of access roads, bridges and even airstrips benefiting not only refugees but also the vulnerable host communities especially where the refugees are sheltered in hard-to-reach areas.

Ato Salihu Sultan and Ato Jima Dilbo Signed Agreement
Action for the Needy in Ethiopia Certified to Operate Regionally in Africa with ACSO Ethiopia Staffs

In response to the complex humanitarian context in the country, ANE is increasingly involved in assisting a growing number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the most vulnerable affected by natural disasters including droughts and/ or floods. Its engagement with IDP returnees in Bule-Hora, has enabled ANE to facilitate a peace dialogue among the community leaders/AbaGeddas as part of the effort to activate the traditional values and assets which help communities to live together in harmony and peace.

In a growing dynamics of partnerships, ANE is currently working together with 16 partners in the different areas of engagement. More recently, ANE has signed a cooperation agreement with IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority for Development) which opens the possibility for ANE to expand its outreach and services in cross-border operations within the IGAD Member Countries including Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

Consolidating this this initiative in a legal framework, Action for the Needy in Ethiopia (ANE) has been certified, by the Authority for Civil Society Organizations in Ethiopia, to operate not only nationally as ANE in Ethiopia but also regionally as ANA in Africa. This is considered an important milestone which can enable ANE to boost its capacities on a much higher level and take its services far and wide reaching more and more vulnerable people in Africa.

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