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Completed HCB Improved Transitional Shelters Completed Improved Transitional Shelters in Melikadida Operation Completed Transitional shelters in Nguenyyiel Mud brick transitional shelters inGure Shombola and Tsore Transitional Shelters in Dillo and Megado Transtional Shelter in Buramino ANE ANA Emergency shelters in Dillo and Megado by ANE ANA Completed Transitional shelters by ANE ANA Emergency shelters by ANE ANA HCB Improved Shelters by ANE ANA Mud brick transitional shelters constracted by ANE ANA Emergency Shelter Constracted by ANE ANA


Access Road Construction Access Road Maintenance Airstrip Constraction Bridge Construction Flospan and MSU installation Compound improvement at semera Access Road Construction by ANE Construction of radio repeater station in gambella Covid 19 Isolation Center Contruction in Melcadida Area by ANE Construction of Foot Bridge Flood Affected River Crossing Clearance Activities Access Road Construction by ANE

Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene ( WASH )

Permanent Water System Management Water Trucking ANE Contruction of Latrines by ANE Dignity Kits Distribution by ANE Provision of potable water for Refugees  in Jawi Refugee camps WASH Training Deepwell Drilling by ANE Rehabilitation of non-functional water structures in Bulehora Development of water systems programs which were supported by Japan Embassy in Ethiopia water trucking in Gambella Latrin Construction in Dillo and Megado WASH NFI distribution

CCCM & Livelihood

providing breeding sheep and goat for livelihood purpose.jpg livelihood Dillo Megado animal fodder livelihood PROVISION OF SUPPLEMENTARY FOOD by ANE DIESEL GRINDING MILL PROVISION ANE staff in CCCM Training CCCM Response Communal Latrine ANE has actively participated in National CCCM cluster and contributed three CCCM Trainers