Success Stories

Abdi Bulle with his daughter infront of his house build by ANE

Abdi Bulle | This Is My History

"It was a predictable of death for individuals who had lived a life with threats of violence. Thus, as the result of violence broke out in my village, I found died bodies of my two children and my wife who was seriously injured on her skull by rebels on my return home from my casual work"

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Abeba Takele | This Is My History

"We are lucky enough because we escaped and arrived here at Bambasi after having a barefoot journey for a number of days. We lost everything including Basic Non-Food Items such as cloths, sleeping mats, lumps, water containers and others."

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Aliya Usman | This Is My History

"Me and my families were living under trees without having mattress or sleeping mat, Blankets to wear, no cooking materials,no water fetching material and others. But now thanks to ANE and UNHCR we have made a shelter by using the plastic sheet that was given to us."

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Sumeya Yusufe | This Is My History

"My life was repulsive and full of misery as result of the conflict incident; but now thanks to ANE and UNHCR support I am better off now. Without this support I don't want imagine how am going to live with that bad situation now I am living feeling safe with my children in this new home"

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