Abdi Bulle one of somali refugee reached by ANE

ANE, As endogenous non-governmental organization, closely works on diversified humanitarian programs so as to ensure that its humanitarian assistance efforts are apparently synergized for better outcomes. Hence , ensured survival of refugees due to emergency supports and other sustainable interventions is one of the crucial and an astonishing outcomes are evidently attained from the efforts and contributions of ANE. With this regard, the following beneficiary testimony can be revealed as is one of its success areas among the foremost achievements that are supposed to justify the success of the Organization

Abdi Bulle Aamin, Somali refugee, was born in 1956 in Gedo, a town located in Southern Somalia. He arrived in Dollo Ado refugee reception center nine years ago on 15 March, 2011 with his miraculously survived family from violence of Al-shabab . This is the story:

It was a predictable of death for individuals who had lived a life with threats of violence. Thus, as the result of violence broke out in my village, I found died bodies of my two children and my wife who was seriously injured on her skull by rebels on my return home from my casual work. By the time, the well-armed rebels, Al-shabab, caught me and gently tight both my hands backward with chain .A few days after, then they released me. Having this chance as a golden opportunity for me and my family, We decided to escaped our born area and forced to emigrated to Ethiopia traveling on foot over two days long distance along Dawa river and reached Dolo Ado reception center on 15 March, 2019. As a result of the effects of post trauma and stress after my ordeal I couldn’t explain what all we faced and suffered from to the reception center staff. Moreover, my wife, due to she sustained fractured quite badly on the her skull , became unable to speak. But it was a life full of pain and suffering. Nevertheless workers in the reception center welcomed us. A few days later, they transferred us to Bokolmayo refugee camp.

In the refugee camp, like all new influxes, they provided us the necessary humanitarian aid so long as we are living there. Through time, our first plastic tent changed by a simple shelter constructed out of bamboo. A year later, deep sadness filled my heart. My wife, who has been attacked by rebel forces in Gedo, has passed away. I felt that I had brought nothing but sadness to my family.( He expressed his sadness about what had happened and he suddenly burst in to tears and remaining keep silent for couple of minutes). He continued,” along the course of time this bamboo shelter getting older and became insecure for us. It was not as good as as new constructed one comfortable especially against the consequences of natural and artificial hazards. In the meantime, I heard that I was selected as one of the beneficiaries of the newly designed HCB shelter construction project led by Action for the needy in Ethiopia (ANE). Thanks to ANE, now I’m living with my four children in this newly constructed shelter.

Abdi Bulle, refugee

As he made a comparison between the two types of shelter, Abdi said

There is a big difference between the former bamboo shelter and this HCB shelter in all aspects. In general, the difference is like that of hell and paradise. I ‘m so glad that we are now feeling better than ever

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