Sumeya Yusufe one of displaced women in Jigjiga reached by ANE

Sumeya Yusufe , was One of the HH who displaced from her home village during inter border conflict between Somali and Oromia people in Tule Guled woreda of Fafan zone in 2019. During the conflict her home was fully destroyed and she was forced to leave her village. After while and when the problem was eased, she has returned to her village. However, since her house was destroyed, she has no alternative but to live with emergency plastic shelter for more than 1 year facing multiple problems like that of sandy wind, high hot temperatures because of the plastic and the likes.

But after a while In 2021 Sumeya Yusfu has become luckiest person because she was one of vulnerable HH who get shelter support from the project that was funded by UNHCR and implemented by Action for the needy in Ethiopia (ANE).The project had constructed shelter for her and others like her.

Now Sumeya says,

My life was repulsive and full of misery as result of the conflict incident; but now thanks to ANE and UNHCR support I am better off now. Without this support I don't want imagine how am going to live with that bad situation now I am living feeling safe with my children in this new home

Sumeya Yusufe, IDP
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