Emergency Response

The emergency response phase is a response to the occurrence of a major emergency or disaster. While disaster response efforts are still underway, recovery frequently gets started. Through various sectorial interventions in the theme operational framework, the disaster recovery process focuses on rehabilitating, developing, and energizing communities affected by a disaster. The sixth year of drought has been experienced in Ethiopia's Borena zone. There has been a persistent drought in the nations of eastern Africa. The summer of 2023 is expected to be the sixth consecutive dry season. Climate change is partially to blame for the catastrophic drought be side Conflict induce to the hunger that more than 11 million Ethiopians experience. The districts Dawa and Moyale in southern Ethiopia's Borena zone are particularly hard hit by the drought's effects.

ANE Emergency response and recovery are the actions taken during an emergency situation and after it has passed in order to restore vital community services and start managing stabilization operations.

ANE's emergency response will be through:-