Access Road Construction and Maintenance

Over the past eleven years reporting period, ANE demonstrated outstanding performance in the entire humanitarian efforts made to create refugees, under different operation in Ethiopia, access to road infrastructures. As most of the refugee camps are located in the remote areas lacking basic infrastructure, ANE assisted the refugee programs through the management of Access Road, Road Structure Construction and Maintenance activities in the refugee camps located mainly in Amhara, Afar, Gambella, Benishngul-Guze and Somali Regional States. In this context, ANE’s project implementations carried out between 2012 and 2022 have been able to achieve substantial outcome for the refugees to have easy access to key areas and public facilities within their camp location. It also helped to ease medical evacuations using ambulances in the refugee camps.

In 2016, ANE built the first 20 km gravel access road connecting Terkidi and Nguenyyiel Refugee Camps, Gambella Regional State. Consequently, the constructed access road started to enhance humanitarian services to reach out refugees residing in both camp locations in timely manner.

In Melkadid Operation, ANE, in partnership with RRS and UNHCR achieved Construction of total of 5.3 km access roads (2.6km in Kobe and 2.7 km in Heleweyne Refugee Camps), along with 5 culverts and 1 additional one ford as well as installation of metal made different traffic sign boards, were completed during the 2017 budget year.

In 2017, total of 12 km of gravel access roads were also constructed by ANE in order to connect Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp, Gambella Regional State, with the main national roads as well as to connect key public areas within the Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp locations itself. In the related intervention considered concurrently, ANE materialized maintenance activities on 20 km gravel access road it constructed in 2016 and connecting Terkidi and Nguenyyiel Refugee Camps, Gambella Regional State. Both the access road construction and maintenance activities conducted by ANE through dumping first and second layers selected material and compactions using heavy trucks and road machines.

Following the support request extended by both UNHCR and RRS, ANE effectively finalized implementation of key maintenance works on 4.1km access road connecting Tongo Refugee Camp, Benishangul – Gumz Regional State to the main section of nearby Tongo town. In order to mobilize this activity, ANE deployed of heavy road machineries such as excavator, grader and roller as well as shower trucks and dump trucks.

In June 2017, ANE took part in the maintenance of 150M length by 8 meter width access road linking RRS Camp Office in Sherkole Refugee Camp, Benishangul-Guze Regional State. In this part, the key maintenance activities had consisted of supply of masonry stone, selected materials and site clearance and compaction.

In 2018 reporting period, 11 km access road maintenance (3.5km in Nguenyyiel Camp, 2km in Tierkidi Camp and 6.3km in Kule with 12 drainage culvert constructions as well as 2km drainage ditch excavations) was undertaken in Gambella Operation. This humanitarian program enabled to achieve mainstreaming enhanced the accessibility of public facilities in all camps by the refugees.

On the other access road maintenance programs implemented in 2018, 2.7 Km access road in Tsore Refugee Camp and 1km access road in Bambasi Refugee Camp, Benishangul-Gumze Regional State, were considered respectively along with the completed construction of 6 fords as well as 3.7 km Earthen Drainage ditch excavation that was similarly completed in 2018 reporting period.

In 2020 reporting period, ANE constructed 1.2 km new access road connecting the Itang Water System with the main road in Itang town. This helped to facilitate the care and maintenance of the water system so as to reach the refugees and members of the host communities. In addition, ANE conducted standard maintenance activities for more than 5km access road in Nygnuiel, Terkidi and Kule Refugee camps.