Airstrip Maintenance and Extention

In November 2017, ANE initially engaged in the construction undertakings adding its own budget contribution over the newly built 900 Meters Melkedida Refugee Operation Airstrip, Somali Regional State following offer for assistance provided by RRS and UNHCR. In terms of Transportation, the new Airstrip will enhance the humanitarian interventions to meet the need of refugees and members of host community in surrounding areas.

Subsequent to the intervention which was made as part of the project descriptions stipulated later in 2018 PPA, ANE furthermore contributed its significant funding resources into Melkedida Airstrip maintenance of 800 meter and 400 meter extension construction works that were successfully completed in the reporting period. The airstrip is open for humanitarian community with enhanced capability in transporting additional people and cargos.

According to the report provided by ANE focal engineering team, the general maintenance of the 800 meters runway of Melkedida Airstrip was done in addition to the tunneling of the sideway drainage systems made in conjunction with. As part of the construction activities, huge site clearance activities were carried out on the extended part of Melkedida Airstrip, which covers a total of 400 meters length of land. The activities also include removing of unnecessary soil structures in depth of 1.4 meters from the 150 meters length of the earth structure of the airstrip extension part. Both UNHCR and RRS praised ANE for its devoted works which were able to materialize the completion of the construction activities adding enhanced capacity for the refugee program highly dependent on such transportation system to deliver assistances for people of concerned in timely manner.