Bridge Construction

In collaboration made with UNHCR and RRS in 2017, ANE managed the construction of 2-foot bridges in the total length of 55 Meters (15M foot bridge between the reception center and Zone-A and 40M foot bridge between Zone-A and Zone-B) inside Gure-Shambola Refugee Camp, Benishangul-Gumz Regional State in order to facilitate easy movements by refugees.

In 2017 Budget Year, ANE successfully completed the construction of huge slab bridge at Bambasi Refugee Camp, Benishangul-Gumz Regional State. For the effective implementation of this humanitarian bridge construction project, ANE initially undertook relevant assessments on the condition of exiting bridge, method of demolishing of the existing bridge and materials availability for the construction of this new bridge. In order to assist the construction activities, ANE considered deployment of one excavator machinery, construction of one detour bridge, deployment of one mixer lean and construction of two masonry abutments, which the first side constructed up to 4meter high( reaming with 1meter) and the other side which is 6meter high as well as construction of 3.3 meter masonry wall.