Other Infrastructure

Flospan and MSU installation

Since the year 2018, ANE has been demonstrating successful implementations in regards to the installation of more than 60 MSU and Flospan Warehouse Systems, construction of concrete platforms, warehouse maintenance, compound improvement works as well as construction of latrine and shower facilities under Gambella, Assosa, Tigray, Amhara, Afar and Somali Refugee Programs as funded by WFP.

Similarly in partnership with WFP since 2021 reporting period, ANE fully engaged in the installation of one MSU and one Mini Flospan Storage facilities in EPHI Compound located in Addis Ababa City in support of helping to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 outbreak across different parts of Ethiopia. Most importantly, ANE’s intervention as regards to the upgrading activities on WFP’s logistic hub in Semera Town, Afar Region has been paramount in supporting the Tigray emergency response programs at this juncture.

In the 2018 reporting period, ANE also mobilized wheel compactor and loader which materialized proper maintenance on the damaged sections/bridges of the main road connecting the refugee camps of Boklomayo and Melkedida, Somali Regional State. This intervention apparently played a crucial role in order to resume the functionality of the highway for humanitarian assistances as well as enhance public recognition and awareness regarding the humanitarian activities which are run by ANE in Melkedida operation.

construction of Radio Repeater Station

In 2018, ANE assisted in considering maintenance for leaning Tukul in Jewi UNHCR compound as well as Construction of L3 temporary registration centres at Kule and Tierkidi Refugee Camps of Gambella Operation.

In 2020, ANE was praised by both UNHCR and RRS for its outstanding performances demonstrated in the construction of Terkidi Radio Repeater Station with its 1.2km of new access road around Terfam area, Gambella.

Starting from the 2021 budget year, ANE is significantly contributing to support UNHCR and RRS over the relocation of Eritrean refugees from Tigray Region to Debark Operation, Northern Gonder Region, Amhara Regional State. ANE has heavily partaken in the rehabilitation of temporary reception facilities in Debat Town areas as well as the establishment of Dabat Refugee Camp which is currently hosting more than 5000 Eritrean refugees. Under this program, ANE constructed more than 40 large hangers and communal kitchens, access road and other public facilities with the view to ensure effective protection response for Eritrean Refugees.

On the beginning of 2022, ANE played significant organizational responsibilities that enabled dignified relocation process for more than 20,000 thousand refugees from Sudan and South Sudan previously registered in both Tongo and Gure-Shembola Refugee camp as result of series of security threats occurred by UAGs. Under this particular project implementation helped for establishment of Tsore Temporary Refugee Settlement, ANE had constructed 60 hangers and 15 communal kitchens as well as installed close 40 UNHCR Family tents within 15 days of period of time to urgently accommodate the relocated refugees then after. Furthermore, ANE was flexible as it was nominated as partner by both UNHCR and RRS to intervene over additional responsibility covering the provision of hot meals for this group of refugees during the relocation process. It was estimated that ANE apparently provided hot meals for more than 15,000 refugees. Currently, ANE is assisting UNHCR and RRS Assosa Offices in the provision of emergency shelters, access roads and construction other public institutions so as to augment the assistance programs for refugees relocated at Tsore Temporary Refugee Settlement.