Transitional Shelter

Provision of Transitional Shelters for most people in need of immediate humanitarian interventions is one of areas in which ANE has been demonstrating its commitment to improve daily living condition by considering overall social, cultural and environmental factors in the context over all phases of programming implementation activities of such projects.

In its first experience of implementing the project, ANE was able to put the required resources that ensured the construction of 158 Transitional Shelters benefiting the most identified vulnerable refugees residing in Dillo and Megado Refugee Camp, Oromia Regional State in 2015 budget year. Later in 2016, ANE addressed the need of vulnerable refugee households by constructing 150 similar types of shelters in collaboration with Refugee Community, RRS and UNHCR. Generally, this shelter construction project was particularly consisting of key activities related to Physical Surveying, Pit Excavation, Construction of Concrete Foundation, Framing the Roof Structure using Wood Poles and Iron Sheets, walling along with internal and external mud plastering and finally Fixation of Doors.

In 2017, the construction of 612 Transitional Shelters, of which 312 in Terkdi and 300 Nguenyyiel Refugee Camps, Gambella Regional State, was significantly managed by ANE subsequent to the funding and other partnership supports provided by UNHCR and RRS respectively. This shelter construction was consisting key activities related to Physical Surveying, Pit Excavation, Framing the Roof Structure using Wood Poles, Plastics Sheet, Grass Thatching, Bamboo walling along with internal and external mud plastering and finally Fixation of Doors.

In Gure Shambula Refugee Camp – Benishangul Gumz Regional State, total of 380 Transitional Shelters were provided to the vulnerable refugees after constructed by ANE in collaboration with RRS and UNHCR in 2017.

Following the partnership call made by UNHCR and RRS for ANE to operate for the first time in Melkadida Refugee Operation for humanitarian assistance in 2017 Budget Year, ANE exhibited profound organizational capacity by ensuring the construction of 200 Transitional Shelters, basically with Concrete Foundation, Iron Sheet Roofing and Bamboo Wall Structures, within short period in Heleweyne and Buramino Refugee Camps, Somali Regional State.

Under Gambella Refugee Operation, ANE completed construction of 700 transitional shelters through the funding supports provided by UNHCR in 2018 budget year. Meanwhile, construction of 500 transitional shelters, in partnership with QFFD/QRC, was completed. In the transitional shelter construction processes maintained in Gambella Operation, the activities related with grass thatching and mud plastering were conducted by the refugee beneficiaries after the community mobilizations programs organized in collaboration with refugee zone leaders. ANE technical team provided the refugee beneficiaries the necessary trainings and tools to engage them in the construction undertakings.

Similarly in 2018 Programming Year, total of 110 Transitional Shelters were constructed by ANE in Gure Shombola Refugee Camp, Assosa Operation. After the official handover process maintained, 100 shelters were allocated to the members of the refugee community and the other were provided for 10 members represented from the host community. On the other hand, total of 15 Transitional Shelters /Tukuls/ were constructed in Tsore Refugee Camp, Assosa Operation and subsequently handed over for refugees selected on the basis of official procedures maintained in full participations of ANE, UNHCR, RRS and Refugee Management Structures.

In 2020 project year, ANE in collaboration with UNHCR and RRS provided 405 transitional shelters in Tongo, Sherkole, Gure-Shambola, Bambassi and Tsore Refugee Camps under Assosa Operation. Similarly, ANE also completed construction of 7 transitional shelters in Kule and Jewi Refugee Camps of Gambella Operation.

Under the provision of shelter programs in 2021 budget years, ANE constructed transitional shelters at all refugee camps of Assosa and Gambella operations.

In 2022, in collaboration with UNHCR ANE acted in the construction of Transitional shelters for vulnerable IDP's in Somali Regions. Since 2021, ANE constructed and handed over 90Transitional shelters for 470 Somalia IDP's in Somalia Region of Deka suftu, Filtu, and Dollo Ado Woredas. In the same year ANE in collaboration with UNHCR & RRS construct of 314 HCB transitiona shelters for for Erterean refugees at Alemwach refugee site.

In 2023. in collaboration with UNHCR and RRS ANE construct 200 HCB transitionnal shelters for Erterean refugees at Alemwach refugee site.