Sanitation & Hygiene

Latrin Construction

Funded by UNHCR in 2014, 2015 and 2016 Budget Years, ANE constructed 15 Communal Pit Latrines in Dillo and Megado Refugee Camps, Oromia Regional State. The construction of the communal latrines was accompanied by awareness raising training given to community leaders and other beneficiaries on how to use these sanitation facilities.

In 2015, two Blocks of Communal Latrines with 6 seats were constructed by ANE in Saragi Health Post and Motogoma Hara School in Bule-Hora Woreda, Oromia Regional State following the funding support made by Japan Embassy, Addis Ababa. These latrines started to benefit an estimate of 7,000 people accessing both public facilities.

In 2017, ANE constructed 2 Blocks of Communal Latrines for the newly established Pre-School in Megado Refugee Camp and the existing Pre-School in Dillo Refugee Camp, Oromia Regional State.

The refugee programs in Ethiopia are well known in having limited intervention in terms of provision of latrines for beneficiaries identified. In order to address the need of refugees in Gambella Refugee Operation, ANE provided latrine cleaning kits for the refugees who were in transits at Bonga, Bedelle and Arjo Stopover Sites as well as Metu and Gimbi Way Stations.

In 2018, ANE provided one block of two stance (male and female) latrine constructed along with flash system permanent, Hallow Concrete Block (HCB) walls, and cesspool for collection of waste and installation of 1000-liter overhang tank for water storage at Ngunyyiel Refugee Camp. The other construction of VIP flush system latrine which is found in UNHCR’s compound in the same location was completed with ceramic floor, gypsum wall plastering and painting.

Dignity Kits Distribution

In 2018 budget year, ANE actively involved in distribution of dignity kits projects funded by QFFD/QRCS and targeted 1000 refugee women and girls getting assistance under Gambella and Kenyan Borena Refugee Operations. At Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp in Gambella, this particular project activity was conducted in collaboration with UNHCR, RRS and Plan International. Subsequently, 500 Dignity kits were distributed for the total of 500 Young adolescent girls were selected from five different schools and with ages range from 13 -17.

Correspondingly, the similar project intervention funded by QFFD/QRCS also materialized the distribution of total of 500 Dignity Kits for 500 refugee women and girls identified over the selection of beneficiaries conducted in collaboration with ARRA and Refugee Central Committee in Dillo and Megado Refugee Camps in Kenya Borena Refugee Operation.

The dignity kit distributed each refugee beneficiary comprised of: 3 Sanitary Pads, 3 Soaps, 2 Towels, 2 Underwear and A kit holder.

In order to ensure safe and proper use of the allocated dignity kits, continuous orientations were provided for the beneficiaries selected. Overall intervention has enhanced the protection of young adolescent girls in the way it contributed to improve their wellbeing.

COVID-19 WASH NFIs, WASH Awareness Programs

In collaboration with IOM-RRF in 2020 budget year, ANE effectively managed to implement WASH component program covering the provision of hygiene kits, of which of constituted distribution of 3,467 washing basins, 6,934 20L Jerry cans and 32,370 bar soaps in all Kebeles of Sura Suro Barguda Woreda Administration, West Guji. In addition, the program added some COVID-19 related activities such as installation of handwashing basins and creation of awareness on the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.

Under UNHCR funding programs, ANE was able to conducted implementation of COVID-19- WASH Related humanitarian assistances in both Gedeo and West Guji Zone Administrations as they mainly covered provision of trainings, distribution of WASH NFIs and support on construction of latrines.