Water Trucking

In both 2015 and 2018 Reporting Period, ANE intensively intervened in the water trucking service to Jewi Refugee Camp, Gambella Regional State as it started its operation in the mid of 2015 by that hosting 47,821 refugees relocated from Lietchor and Nip Nip camps. In this regards, ANE provided refugees a total of 103,395,000 liters of potable subsequent to deployment of 15 water truckers with a capacity ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 liters.

As part of the WASH Project Components funded by UNHCR, ANE demonstrated successful performance implementation in running Emergency Water Trucking in Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp, Gambella from 2016 to 2018 Budget Years using over 21 water trucks each with 20,000 liter capacity deployed. In this intervention, ANE managed to deliver an average of 1.1 Million Liters of standard water provision for more than 97,103 populations on daily basis. On the other hand, ANE also provided the water trucking services for the refugees who were under relocation processes from Gambella to Assosa Operation during their temporary staying was made at Metu, Gimbi and other Way Stations.

Since July 2014, ANE has been able to continue water trucking provision in Dillo and Megado Refugee Camps. In this context, ANE purchased and installed 4 Fiber Glass Tankers of 20,000 liters capacity, distributed 673 water jerry cans of 20 liter capacity and masonry work for setting the tankers was completed by availing its own fund. This services helped the timely 20 liters per day per person of water supply for the total of more than 8092 members of refugee and host communities on daily basis and but there is a serious concerns on its continuity after the laps of this projects granted by UNHCR unless the planned permanent water system is realized. According to various assessment conducted, the absence of permanent water provision interventions in both Dillo and Megado Refugee Camps still remains as the major protection challenges for the refugees affecting their daily living conditions.

In November 2015, ANE deployed 20,000 litters capacity water trucker for Arsi Zone, Sude District - Oromia Regional State, where local communities residing in 13 Kebeles were severely affected by El-Nino induced drought. Therefore, ANE assigned a water truck for 5 consecutive months by covering the total rental cost of water trucker amounting ETB 350,000 from its own limited financial source until access to potable water was ensured following the onset of Belg Rainfall. By so doing, ANE supported the supply of potable water for more than 43,265 drought affected people until the month of April 2016.

Following the official request for support made by Liban Zone Administration Office, Somali Regional State, ANE successfully extended its intervention in provision of two months (May-July 2019) water supply through trucking and was able to cover more than 100,000 local residents affected by lack of access to water supply as result of continued dry season in both Filtu and Deka Suftu Woreda Administrations.