OXFAM-GB handovers the Jewi Permanent water supply system to ANE.

The OXFAM-GB run permanent water supply system of Jewi Refugee camp is handed to ANE in 2017. Since January ...Read More

ANE constructs Over 3000 emergency shelter

ANE constructs 3000 emergency and 700 transitional shelters and related facilities such hangar rooms, rub halls ... Read More

ANE constructs 20 km gravel road

ANE constructed 20 km long gravel main access road in along and inside Negunyyiel refugee camp in 2016. The task was given by ARRA and UNHCR after seeing ...Read More

ANE signs tripartite project agreement with UNHCR and ARRA

Action for the Needy in Ethiopia signs project agreement with UNHCR and ARRA. This is the ... Read More

Trucking portable water to south Sudan refugees continues

Every south Sudanese refugee is required to get 15 to 20 liter of potable water every day. ANE has been providing ... Read More