In collaboration with UNHCR and ARRA, ANE acted in the construction of emergency and transitional shelters for vulnerable refugees in Gambella, Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz and Somali Regions. Since 2015, ANE constructed and handed over 300 improved shelters for 1,540 Kenyan Borena refugees in Dillo and Megado refugee settlements.

Furthermore, in 2016, ANE has constructed and handed over 350 transitional shelters and about 400 tents in the Terkidi refugee camp.

In 2017, the construction of 612 transitional shelters with community participation has been successfully completed and handed over to the refugee community in Ngugniyel camp.

Following the influx of South-Sudanese refugees in Ngugnyiel camp 3,000 emergency shelters have been constructed.ANE has been constructing shelters in Benhangul Gumuz since 2015. Initially, 100 emergency shelters were constructed using ANE’s own sources. In 2017, the scope of engagement was enlarged, and ANE was able to construct 470 transitional shelters and 500 emergency shelters for Sudanese refugees in the Gure Shombola refugee camp.

In 2017, 204 transitional shelters made of hollow concrete block (HCB) and bamboo constructed and handed over to 1,030 Somali refugees in Heleweyne and Buramino refugee camps in Dolo Ado.

As shelter demand continued across all refugee camps in Ethiopia and providing shelter is one of the most ANE’s humanitarian response programs 2,458 shelters constructed in 2019 with the financial support of UNHCR and provided to refugees in need. The number of transitional shelter is 1,209 of which 24 is of mud brick type constructed with refugees skill and labor participation and also with the supply of construction materials from ANE side. As there was an influx of refugees in 2019 from South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, and Eriteria 827 emergency shelters were constructed in Gure Shombola and Tsore refugee camps in Benishangul Gumuz Region and 150 emergency shelters in Boklomayo, Kobe, Heleweyne, and Buramino in Somali Region.

In collaboration with UNHCR and ARRA, ANE constructed 236 improved transitional shelters in Boklomayo, Melka Dida, Kobe, Heleweyne, and Buramino refugee camps in Somali Region. As the previous years’ built shelter needs regular maintenance 224 shelter structures reconstructed with the participatory approach in Kule, Jewi and Tarkidi in Gambella Region; Sherkole, Bambasi and Tongo refugee camps in Benishangul Gumuz Region.17 nonfunctional public facilities renovated in Boklomayo, Kobe, Heleweyne, and Buramino refugee camps and handed over to refugee community with budget support of UNHCR Ethiopia. 3 community infrastructures were also rehabilitated and made use of Jewi refugee population in Gambella Region. At Dillo and Megado Refugee settlements ANE provided 300 cooking pans with a budget support of UNHCR Ethiopia.