About Benishangu-Gumuz.

Benishangul-Gumuz is a regional state in northwestern Ethiopia bordering Sudan. It was previously known as Region 6. The region's capital is Assosa. [Wikipedia]

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Map of Benishangul-Gumuz

ANE in Benishangu-Gumuz

In 2017, ANE start operating in Benishangu-Gumuz by opening branch office in Assosa in partnership with UNHCR, RRS and WFP.between the 2017 and 2020 budget years under ANE Assosa Office covered construction and maintenance of 4000 emergency and transitional shelters, construction and maintenance of 20 kms access roads, provision of education materials for more than 500 children, construction of a school feeding center, construction of L3 Registration Temporary Rooms, installation of 6 Flospan Warehouse system in partnership with WFP,provision of alternative household energy solution, construction of a health center and provision of assistance programs to prevent and response to the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on refugees and host community. In June,2020 ANE open another branch office in Metekel, Benishangu-Gumuz Region to reach vulnerable IDPs in the area.

Branch Offices
Benefitieries Reached

What We Have Done So far in Benishangu-Gumuz

ANE Assosa ES-NFI Distribution

Provision of Multipurpose Cash For Assosa and Metekel Zone IDPs

200 HHs will be Provided 10,800 ETB Multipurpose cash Composed From Pawi, Mandura, Dibate, Bullen,Wombera and Dangur Woredas of Metekel Zone

ANE Assosa ES-NFI Distribution

Life saving Emergency Shelter and NFI Assistance

IOM-RRF ES-NFI distribution for 2500 HH IDPs in Bambasi, Sherkole, Bildigilu woreda.

ANE Metekel WFP TSF Program

Provision of Targeted Supplementary Feeding (TSF) in Bullen, Dibatie,Wonbera, Guba and Mandura woredas, Metekel Zone of Benishangul Gumuz Region

With Funding support of WFP ANE Metekel managed to distribute Targeted Supplementary food s for Under Five Children and Pregnant and Lactating Women.


Provision of shelter and infrastructure for sudanes and south sudanes refugee

In 2022, with the support of UNHCR, ANE has constructed 1329 Emergency Shelter for refugees relocated from Tongo and Gure Shembola and also constructed 75 Transitional Shelter and 72 maintenance. ANE also built 60 Temporary Accomodation hunger, 17 Emergency Communal Kitchen, 42 Family Tent.

ANE Assosa Briquette

Provision of alternative house hold cooking energy soulutions for Sudanes and South Sudanes refugee

ANE has Provided alternative house hold cooking solution such as Chorcole Briquett for 295HH, Communal Kitchen for 740 HH, Fire Wood for 733 HH, Installation of 221 street solar light in Tsore, Bambasi & Sherkole refugee camp.

Core Relife Items Distribution

Core Relife Items Distribution

Core Relife Items Distribution for 6700 HH in Bambasi, Sherkole, Bildigilu woreda, Assosa Zone and Metekel Wereda. And instalation of 500 family tent and 861 diginity kit

Provision of Emergency shelter kit (Famili tent) for vulnerable IDPsof Guba woreda

Provision of Emergency shelter kit and Non-Food Items for vulnerable IDPs

with Funding From UNHCR ANE Metekel managed to distribute CRI For 1750 HHs at Bullen woreda, Emergency shelter kit for 2500 HHs From Dibate,Mandura and Dangur woredas, Jerry cans for 7125 HHs at Mandura,Dangur and Pawi Woredas

ES-NFI Provion at Wombera woreda of Metekel zone

Emergency Shelter response for IDPs and Hosting communities in Wonbera Woreda B.G region

With Funding Support of EHF ANE Metekel managed to distribute full package ES/NFI for 1150 HHs of Wombera woreda, Metekel Zone