In 2012, ANE started working in Guji and Borena Zones of Oromia Region and Moyale and Liben Zones of Somali Region. The main focus was to assist the drought-affected people providing food, water and clothes. ANE is steadily growing with an increasing effort to reach out to the most vulnerable host communities and refugees. Currently, its humanitarian service has been widely spread in other parts of Oromia, Gambella, Benishangu-Gumuz, Somalia, Afar, SNNPR and Tigray Regions addressing both emergency and development needs of refugees and disaster- affected host communities.

In the past 10 years, ANE has reached more than 4,500,000 beneficiaries including most vulnerable refugees.IDPs and host communities. ANE has more than 600 staff and volunteers are engaged in the operation working at the HQ in Addis Ababa and 13 operational offices in E/W Harrargie, E/W Wollega, E/W Guji, Borena, and Dillo & Megado Refugee camps (Oromia), Assosa, Sherkole and Metekel zones (Benishangul-Gumuz), Debark, Dabat, Dessie, Ataye, D/birhan, Guangua and Wag Hemra.(Amhara) Jawi, Kule, Tierkidi, Okugo, Pugnido1 & 2, Pagak & Ngunyyiel Refugee camps (Gambella), Liben and Fafan zones, Bokolmayo Melkadida, Kobe Heleweyn & Buramino refugee camps , Dollo Ado Jigjiga (Somali), Asayta and Berhaile refugee camps, Chifra, Euwa, Yalo and chifra Woredas and Serdo new refugee settlement (Afar), Gedeo (SNNPR) and Mekelle, Shire, Shiraro, Adigrat, Abi Adi, Adi Gudem, D/Tembein, Wajirat, and Samre woredas and Mai-Aini and Adi-Harush refugee camps(Tigray)

Our Mission

Facilitate humanitarian and development support actively working with the most vulnerable in their effort to enhance protection and solutions with no regard to race, religion or political affiliation

Ensure wider and broad-based engagement working not only within the country but also engaging in cross-border operations in line with the new agreement reached with IGAD (intergovernmental organization for development) covering Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda

Build up stronger and greater Resourcing capacities mobilizing Monetary and technical resources from within the country and abroad

Our Vision

The vulnerable communities ANE is working with increasingly empowered and capacitated to enhance their protection with advancement towards solutions in a way that makes a difference in their lives and livelihoods

ANE's operational and institutional capacities consolidated and enhanced with greater capacity to work as a premier organization and a partner of choice at national, regional and international levels

Our Objective

To enhance institutional and organizational development for efficient and effective service delivery, and self-sustenance.

To scale up programs and projects for most vulnerable and disaster affected individuals, households and communities to prevent and alleviate human sufferings.

To reduce vulnerability through integrated & targeted Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation interventions and thus, minimize its adverse effects. adverse effects.



Our track record of performance, serving both the refugees and the host communities, with a high degree of impartiality, ensures organizational and operational integrity in principle and action.

Partnership Development

Based on our increasing performance and accountability, partnership development continues to stand out as the key factor that determines the degree to which our efforts can succeed with a strong process that ensures growing outreach and net-working.


The diversity of our services underscores our commitment to strong gender and age responsiveness, as women and children represent most of the beneficiaries in our operations.

Community Participation

The strong emphasis we place on community participation derives from the basic recognition of the critical role of the beneficiaries as primary stakeholders. We fully understand that nothing short of their full participation, creates the required dynamics that makes a difference in the management of our service


We strive to ensure solid and sustainable trust–worthiness by maintaining a strong discipline of transparency and accountability at all levels in our organization and operations.