Education is an essential tool in the process of human development. Education is a life-long process where a cumulative process of development of intellectual abilities, Skills and attitudes, all of which form various outlooks and dispositions to action in life. Education is the original essence of learning which makes permanently able and disposed to benefit ourselves and other members of the society in the wise use of such learning. There is strong belief that the more people educated, the higher the development in that place. Education reduces illiteracy/ignorance, creates future generation and leaders, builds relationships and improves industry developments. Right now, we live in a world of competition. You will find that if a person is not educated, they might fail to raise their voice. Education gives people a confidence to say what is right and what is wrong. In this regard, it is possible to say that education is the base of everything.

Education is an eye opener and gives the power to fight for once right, help to socialize and interact with people from different areas. However, because of different reasons some of the best and brightest students cannot able to continue their education. Therefore, ANE is working to address the education needs of marginalized children. In this regard, ANE has provided support in the area of girls education, school construction, provided scholastic materials with school bags, provided girls with dignity kits, distributed cloth to orphans and other vulnerable children, provided capacity building training to school WASH clubs, supported education in emergencies, school renovation, conducted capacity training for teachers on pedagogy and psychosocial support..etc


Regions Covered
Beneficieries Reached
Budget Utilized


In November 2015, ANE, in association with KIMSE YOK MU Africa Regional Office, had supported 600 Orphan Children through provision of educational materials (School Bag, Exercise Books, Pens and in Abomsa Town, Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State. Each beneficiary orphan child had received one (1) Dozen of Exercise Book, Twelve (12) Pens, Twelve (12) Pencils and One (1) School Bag. The distribution of education materials for these vulnerable children had been made in the presence of Merti Woreda Administrator, Mayor of Abomsa Town, and Head of Merti Woreda Education Office and invited Elders of Abomsa Town.

In 2017 Budget Year, ANE had provided educational material supports for total of 147 host vulnerable children residing in Gure-Shombola Kebele Adminstration, Benishangul-Gumz Regional State. The distributed educational material included 1764 Exercise Books, 147 Pens, 147 Pencils, 147 Erasers and 147 Sharps procured using its own funding.

In 2017, ANE undertook humanitarian project implementation for the construction work of Pre-School, feeding center and teachers’ residence compound Structures in Megado Refugee Camp, Oromia Regional State. In connection with this project, ANE also provided the necessary pre-school class equipment such as 100 Desks, 4 Black-Boards and 1 Pack of White Chocks and 1 Pack of Dusters supporting the teaching and learning processes in the newly built Pre-School.

In 2020 programming year, the distribution of school bags for students Baya, Yerga-chafe and Sike-Bokosa Primary Schools in Gedio and West Guji Zones was maintained by ANE along with the awareness session programs on school retention and prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022,In collaboration with IGAD, ANE acted in back to learning campain and livelihood practices. the project targeted the support in area of Education and Livelihoods in the refugee settlement at Gorom in South Sudan and Gambella in Ethiopia respectively.this project has benefited more than 330 direct beneficiaries from education service, and livelihood opportunities in the refugee settings and host communities with the given resources.