Shelter is a vital survival mechanism in times of crisis or displacement. It is also key to restoring personal security, self-sufficiency and dignity.
The Government of Ethiopia, together with UNHCR have identified provision of shelter assistance to the refugee in the camp as a major priority to avoid further health and protection risks in the camp. A considerable number of refugees are living in a temporary transit shelters in the Ethiopian refugee camps that don’t meet the minimum UNHCR standard for refugees’ shelter.

In Shelter Project, ANE usually consult RRS, UNHCR and the relevant refugee structures in the camp to identify the appropriate locations/sites for the construction of shelters in each camp location. At the camp levels, ANE also deploys technical and logistics staff members who are responsible monitor and supervise the day to day construction activities to ensure they follow the minimum standards and quality.

FACTS ON THE SECTOR ( including Infrasructure )


Transitional Shelter Construction

Provision of Transitional Shelters for most people in need of immediate humanitarian interventions is one of areas in which ANE has been demonstrating its commitment to improve daily living condition by considering overall social, cultural and environmental factors in the context over all phases of programming implementation activities of such projects.

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In the most critical steps made in the refugee program so as to improve the daily living conditions of refugees, ANE has been remaining to be one of the strongest partners to both RRS, UNHCR and also to the refugee community itself by partaking in the humanitarian programs linked with the provision of Improved Transitional Shelters particularly in the refugee camps.

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Emergency Shelter Construction

ANE’s responsibilities in terms of provision of emergency shelters were entailing to cover refugee camps administered under Kenyan Borena, Gambella and Assosa Refugee Operations between 2012 and 2019 reporting period. This particular program interventions were focusing as part of efforts made to meet the basic needs of newly arrived refugees in the regions.

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SHELTER Maintenance

ANE had undertook the maintenance activities by engaging the refugee beneficiaries along the technical supports availed by hired carpenters. This intervention helped the refugees to have extended period use of the shelters.

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