H.E. HEINRICH KOHLER(Dr.), Honorarkonsul der Demokratischen Bundesrepublik Äthiopien in Hamburg visited ANE

Mr. HEINRICH KOHLER ANE Visit in Ethiopia

This call was made by Ato Salihu Sultan, ANE's Managing Director in his welcome statement in a meeting held at ANE Headquarters on 15/04/2024 organized to receive MR. HEINRICH KOHLER, HONORARKONSUL, Demokratichen Bundesrepublic, Ethiopien in Hamburg.

Mr. Elema Kampe, Vice Chairman of ANE also delivered a welcome statement on behalf of ANE’s Board of Directors. He thanked all those that have supported ANE over the years and underscored the urgent need to step up collaboration and partnership efforts in view of the increasing humanitarian and development challenges in Ethiopia. He also observed that, in line with the partnership it has developed with IGAD, ANE is expected to play increasing roles in improving lives and livelihoods in the neighboring countries that are also affected by a series of similar calamities especially in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region.

Mr. HEINRICH KOHLER ANE Visit in Ethiopia 3
Mr. HEINRICH KOHLER ANE Visit in Ethiopia 4

After the presentation and discussion of ANE's programs/ projects, which indicated the widening gaps in each case, Mr. HEINRICH KOHLER shared his reflections and thanked ANE for doing so much good work which gives him a comprehensive picture of the complexity of the humanitarian and development challenges. He also observed that he will do his utmost to support the good work ANE is doing, by creating contacts with potential partners and donors who would be interested in contributing to the current humanitarian cause and development challenges in Ethiopia.

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